The Original Letter People

From the 1970's


The Original Letter People

Available is the complete curriculum of the award-winning Original Letter People. Order separately or for greater savings the complete set!

This is the best phonics program ever created and they are the best QUALITY being sold.  These sets were made from the originals
from distributor of the series.

The Original Letter People were first aired on PBS in the 70’s. Each episode is 30 min long. There All 26 letters, plus additional lessons (60 episodes in total) These shows are over 25 years old so the color is not as vibrant as today, but the picture and sound is very good quality. Other sets being sold have tons of break-ups.  This has very few.

Episode Guide (On 3 DVD’s)

1.     Meet Mister M

2.     Meet Mister T

3.     Meet Mister F

4.     Meet Mister H

5.     Meet Mister N

6.     Meet Mister B

7.     Meet Miss A

8.     What's the Catch?

9.     The Tryout

10.   The Catching Game

11.   Meet Mister Z

12.   Meet Mister P

13.   Meet Mister S

14.   Meet Miss E

15.   Meet Miss I

16.   Meet Miss O

17.   Meet Miss U

18.   Meet Mister V

19.   Meet Mister L

20.   The Story of Mister V;
The Story of Mister S

21.   The Squoosh

22.   Meet Mister D

23.   Meet Mister G

24.   Meet Mister C

25.   Meet Mister K
26.   The Story of Mister C and
Mister K; Soft C

27.   Meet Mister W

28.   Long Vowel Sounds

29.   Cooperation (Silent E)

30.   Adjacent Vowels (Two Vowels Standing Side-by-Side)



31.   Review I

32.   Review II

33.   Review III

34.   Review IV

35.   Meet Mister Y

36.   Y as a Consonant and a Vowel

37.   Meet Mister J

38.   Soft G

39.   Meet Mister R

40.   Star Trip, part I (AR)

41.   Star Trip, part II (OR)

42.   Star Trip, part III (ER, IR, UR)

43.   Review V

44.   Meet Mister X

45.   Meet Mister Q

46.   The Word Machine

47.   Chewy Cherry Choo Choo (CH)

48.   The Thing (TH)

49.   WH and SH

50.   Review VI

51.   The -ING Sound, part I

52.   The -ING Sound, part II

53.   Words in Parts, part I

54.   Words in Parts, part II

55.   OU and OW

56.   OI and OY

57.   Double O (OO)

58.   AU and AW

59.   Sentences, part I

60.   Sentences, part II



I used this program with my own sons as well as many daycare children. They love it! Now you can use it for your home-school or your classroom.

For 11 years I sold these on EBAY with great reviews, but have decided to leave EBAY due to their rising costs!
What is available for purchase?

All 60 episodes on 3 DVD’s (See Episode guide above)
Music CD with all 26 Letter People Songs. This CD can be played in a CD player or a computer!
CD that includes 3 different coloring sets of all 26 letters people, plus all 26 printable letter people puppets. The children cut, color, and glue them to popsicle sticks. They love them because it is their own creations. Also included on this CD are the lyrics to the music songs. All of this makes the set usable over and over again!

 These videos are public domain that was released in 1970 and publically aired on PBS television to the public.